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Elsa O - Amazon Review



I would recommend this product. It works as described and made an immediate impact on the mattress. It is completely customizable, the directions were easy to understand and follow. After installing there was a significant difference in how the mattress felt. Have gotten better, more comfortable sleep since first day of usage.

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JL - Amazon Review



I was so used to my Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe mattress that I forgot how bad regular mattresses can sag. I sleep, game, and watch TV on one side of a queen size mattress and it has been sagging pretty bad on that side. Once I got the Mattress Renew, I pumped up half of the air bags and now the lopsided mattress magically feels like new again!

I'm about 280lbs so only time will tell how long this will last but so far, I am very impressed. Since I am only using one side of the Mattress Renew, I can easily use the other side if the air bags do fail but I will update if anything comes up.

Gator - Amazon Review



I’ve only been laying on this for a night, but wow, it works. The biggest pain was moving the mattress, the thing itself could not be easier to use. Had to try a couple of times to get the levels of air right, but it worked!

Update: I love this three months in. Just took it to another saggy bed in our cabin and it was perfect. No rolling together, like we usually do there. Just had to dial it into the mattress, which was super easy again, and hello better nights sleep!

Highly recommend!

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